72 Mansfield Ave
Norton, Massachusetts 02766

Monday-Saturday 8AM - 8PM
Sunday 8AM-5PM / 12PM -5 P.M (Liquor)

ATM inside Produce Barn

steak, pork, & chicken stacked on top of each other
Produce Barn Deal of the Week

Chairman's Reserve
Prime Boneless Pork
Spare Ribs$2.99/lb

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June 28th - July 4th

Produce Barn Choice Meats & Deli Specials

Chairman's Reserve
Prime Boneless Pork
Spare Ribs$2.99 lb.

Land O Lakes
American Cheese
White or Dark$3.99/lb

Homemade Meatballs
In Sauce$2.99/lb

Russer Wunderbar
German Bologna$2.99/lb

Produce Barn Wine, Beer & Spirits Specials

Titos Vodka
1.75 liter
1.75 L$27.99

Blue Chair Bay
Rum 750 ml$17.99

Miller Lite
30 Pack$23.99 + Dep.

Coors Light
30 Pack$23.99 + Dep.

Produce Barn Hardware Specials

Duracell AA 4 pack$4.99

LED Fidget Spinners$5.99 or 2/$10.00